Torrent of Words

Co-work with Yi He, Shengqi Dang.

We live in an era filled with words, and information is as turbulent as the ocean. In this era, large language models have become the new engine of the trend, driving this torrent of text. Language, once a unique treasure of mankind, has become ubiquitous and integrated into the profound thinking of machines.

In this work "Torrent of Words", we created three scenes of "Singularity", "Adversary" and "Emergence" to show the journey of large models in self-learning, communicating with humans and describing future symbiosis. The audience will step into this world composed of flowing text and data, and deeply experience the complex and subtle relationship between humans and technology in the generative AI era.

We are using Unity to present an interactive fluid immersion experience, in which every drop of fluid symbolizes particles of knowledge and information. This is not only a visual presentation of the era of large models, but also a profound reflection on the future development of the relationship between artificial intelligence and humans.